How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting basement windows installed.

Times That Calling The Plumber Is The Best Choice

5 August 2020
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A slow drain or a clogged toilet may not be the end of the world, but if you can't clear the clog or open the drain, you may need to have a professional come and deal with your plumbing repairs. Calling a plumber is sometimes the only way to resolve the issue you are having. Drains and Clogs Often, a slow drain or a clogged pipe is not a big deal unless the blockage that is causing the problem is deep in the plumbing system and you can't clear it with traditional methods. Read More …

Why You Should Hire A Home Renovation Contractor When Renovating Your Home

17 June 2020
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You probably aren't a stranger to the idea of people handling their own home renovations. In fact, you might have done some home renovations of your own in the past, or you could be thinking about tackling a home renovation project right now. It is usually best for homeowners to work with home renovation contractors when it is time to renovate their homes, however, for these reasons and more. You Can Still Do Some of the Work Read More …

Everything Need to Know About Caring for Your Chimney

27 April 2020
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Having a home with a wood-burning fireplace tops many homeowners wish lists. They picture themselves snuggled up in front of the fireplace on cold winter nights enjoying the crackling flames. What most people don't realize, though, is that owning a home with a wood-burning fireplace comes with the responsibility to care for it. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that 14 percent of all home fires are caused by improperly cleaned and maintained chimneys. Read More …

3 Reasons To Hire A Contractor For Your Masonry Repair

9 March 2020
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If your brick retaining wall or chimney is starting to deteriorate, it's time to hire a masonry contractor. A masonry contractor can repair or rebuild your damaged masonry so that it's like new. It's tempting to complete your masonry repair yourself in hopes of saving a few dollars. However, it's essential to hire an experienced contractor for your masonry jobs. Keep reading to learn a few reasons as to why it's best to hire a contractor for your masonry work. Read More …

Protect Your Restaurant And Patrons With Commercial Asbestos Abatement

20 January 2020
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If you own an older building that your restaurant is housed in, you may be surprised to learn that you could have asbestos in a variety of places throughout the building. Used mainly as a fireproofing material on steel beams and columns, it can also be found wrapped around pipes for better insulation. You might even have tiles made out of asbestos on an old tile floor. When you go to do a renovation, you may discover asbestos tiles below your existing floor or find that a pipe in your basement is becoming unwrapped and asbestos is now exposed. Read More …

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How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting some basement windows installed. My website is stuffed with information that I had learned as I completed a full basement renovation. Before the renovation, my basement was nothing but cement floors and cinder block walls. Now, it is the perfect living and game room for my family to enjoy throughout the year. We have more than enough space to host the family gatherings and the setting is bright, comfortable and pleasing to everyone that comes for a visit.