How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting basement windows installed.

How To Make Your Neighborhood Roads Safer For Your Kids: Traffic Calming And Asphalt Repair

27 January 2015
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If your neighborhood has some dangerous streets because of speeding drivers or poorly-kept roads, you probably worry about your kids playing outside or your teens driving in dangerous conditions. If you are planning on taking your concerns to a city council meeting, they'll probably be more willing to talk about these problems if you offer some viable solutions as well. Before you head to a meeting, you may want to write down a few of these traffic calming and asphalt repair solutions. Read More …

Purchasing Concrete Countertops? 2 Main Maintenance Measures

23 January 2015
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After years of saving money, you are finally ready to build your dream home.  Because you want to create an industrial design in your house, you've decided to buy concrete countertops for your kitchen.  If you can relate to this scenario, completing the following 2 maintenance measures will keep your countertops looking stylish and new. Sealing Countertops To protect your investment in beautiful concrete countertops, you will need to safeguard them from harsh elements including: Read More …

Keeping Your Crawl Space In Excellent Condition

21 January 2015
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The crawl space under your houseprotects the structure from flooding and provides access to wiring and plumbing fixtures. It can be easy to forget about crawl space maintenance since the area is too small to stand up in and mostly out of sight. However, if you neglect a crawl space, the lower regions of your home will be vulnerable to damage from moisture as well as pests. Take heed of the following guidelines if you want to keep your crawl space in good condition and avoid costly repairs. Read More …

Prep For Winter Weather Power Outages To Keep Your Family Safe!

21 January 2015
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Winter weather is more than just cold and uncomfortable. In fact, severe storms are often responsible for lengthy power outages that leave families scrambling to stay warm and safe in their homes. The lack of power not only means going without lights and electrical devices, it often means that electrical heating systems, water pumps and cooking appliances are also unavailable. If your family's home is located in an area that experiences severe winter weather, taking steps to prepare your home for possible power outages is the best way to stay safe, warm and well fed when the next blizzard hits. Read More …

Moving Into Your First Apartment? Learn These Simple Plumbing Fixes Now

20 January 2015
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Moving into your first apartment is exciting, but with this big change also comes a lot of responsibility. In most cases, your landlord is responsible for making and paying for any repairs that become necessary due to regular wear and tear. In the case of a big problem, such as a sewage leak or burst pipes, your first call should certainly be to your landlord. However, he or she is sure to be annoyed if you call every time the toilet clogs or a sink is draining slowly. Read More …

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