How To Repair A Damaged Quartz Countertop

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How To Repair A Damaged Quartz Countertop

16 March 2018
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Quartz is a highly durable surface, constructed from crushed quartz stones bonded with resin to make a slab. Only diamond, topaz, and corundum pass it on the hardness scale. However, in spite of the hardness, you still may notice the occasional scratches, cracks, or chips from faulty installation and heavy objects. 

Fixing the damage saves money on replacement as well as professional repairs. Fix the quartz countertop by following these steps.

Prepare to Fix the Countertop

To fix the countertop. gather:

  • work gloves
  • eye goggles
  • cloths
  • drop cloths or plastic
  • ammonia or acetone
  • razor blade
  • super glue or knife-grade epoxy
  • small paint brush
  • lambskin wool pad
  • variable speed grinder
  • two grades of polishing compound 

Check the warranty, since certain actions on countertops under ten year old could void it. Inspect the location of the damage to determine the suitable filler, because vertical surface damage will require thicker glue or resin.

Remove all items from the countertop, and cover the floor with drop cloths or plastic. Raise a window or run a fan to avoid breathing ammonia or acetone fumes. Do not apply solvents with high alkaline content, or they may damage the surface.

Wash the surface with the cleaner and a cloth,  rinse using a damp cloth, and then let it dry. Cleaning also brings out damage you may have missed.. 

Fix Light Scratches

It may be possible to buff flight scratches with a polishing compound designed for quartz or stone. Apply a half-dollar size amount of polish on the pad attached to a variable speed grinder. Buff the entire surface, starting with the lowest compound grade at a speed of 2800 RPM. 

Avid using too much pressure so it won't create heat. Rinse the compound, and then repeat with the next compound grade, changing pads.

Repair Deep Scratches, Cracks, and Chips

For deep scratches, cracks, or chips, apply a resin or a knife-grade epoxy. Squeeze the glue tube or epoxy into the hole or chip, holding the tip directly over the damage. 

Avoid filling the damage completely. Apply the repair material in thin layers, and smooth it with a paint brush. The last layer should come slightly above the surface. Let each layer of glue or epoxy glue dry according to the suggested time, which is commonly 24 hours.  

Hold the razor blade at a ninety-degree angle, and chip extra dried glue working in different directions. Don't press hard on the crack or chip, or it will dislodge glue. Clean the surface with a clean damp cloth to remove glue or epoxy remnants.

For help repairing or replacing your quartz counters, get in touch with a company like Pilot Construction.

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