5 Qualities Of A Good Drip Irrigation System

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5 Qualities Of A Good Drip Irrigation System

24 May 2017
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Thinking of investing in a drip irrigation system? They're great for simplifying your life, conserving water, and making sure you have happy, healthy plants. If you're new to the whole irrigation thing, rest assured it's not that complicated when you know what to do. Here are five qualities of a good drip irrigation system.

Sufficient Emitters

You need enough emitters in your yard to give each plant the water it needs. The more you have, the better; but it's generally recommended to have one per plant to minimize the competition. Having two per plant can cut down on the length of time you need to leave the system on, and it can prevent dehydration should one of the emitters get clogged.

Correct Placement

Uneven placement can cause one area of your garden or lawn to get over watered while other areas won't get enough. So be sure to place the emitters as even as possible. Also, if you have several emitters per plant, be sure they're an equal distance from the base of the plant.

Proper Filtration

Using poor filtration—or none at all—will greatly decrease the life expectancy of your drip irrigation system. Many landscapers say that they're practically mandatory to prevent the emitters from getting clogged, but a lot of it will depend on how hard your water is. Just bear in mind that something as small as a grain of sand can cause further blockages. Screen filters are pretty common and don't cost an arm and a leg. But you can also get something that filters out smaller particles that what a screen can capture.

Correct Pressure

Something a lot of people don't think about is ensuring water is coming out of the emitters at the right pressure. Too little and the plants won't get enough to drink. And too much pressure can cause the water to mist out while possibly damaging the lines over time. A good drip irrigation system should have a water pressure of 20-40 psi. Test your home with a water pressure gauge. If it exceeds 40 psi, you'll need to install a pressure regulator in the system. If it's too low, you can put in a boost pump.

Adequate Watering Schedule

Knowing your plants' individual watering needs is important in order to create the ideal watering schedule. Every plant is different, and even the time of year will determine how much and how often you water. Don't make the mistake of setting a schedule in the spring and neglecting to make adjustments with the changing season. With the right amount of water year-round, your plants will thrive.

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