Water Damage Repair Concerns And Questions

How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting basement windows installed.

Water Damage Repair Concerns And Questions

15 May 2017
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When your home has suffered extensive damage, it can be easy for you to feel stress about the prospect of needing to oversee the repair work. In particular, major water damage can be a common problem that some homeowners will find themselves needing to address. If you have never had to contend with a water-damaged house, you might lack some of the important information that could help you with this process.

How Can You Limit The Damage Caused By Water?

In the immediate aftermath of major water damage occurring, you will need to stay calm and take steps to improve the ventilation while you wait on the repair contractors to arrive. Ensuring that the excess water is able to dry as efficiently as possible can help to limit the mold and mildew that can start to grow.

Also, you will want to soak up as much of the extra water as is possible. By placing several towels on the damaged area, you may be able to remove much of the water that is present. However, make sure that you remove the towels when you are done as they can trap moisture against the floor if they are kept in position for an extended period of time.

Are Water Damage Restoration Services Suitable For Issues Not Caused By Natural Flooding?

Individuals will often be under the impression that water damage restoration services are only applicable in situations when the home was flooded due to natural causes, such as heavy rains. However, plumbing problems can actually be one of the leading causes of water damage.

Depending on the type of plumbing that was leaking, the repair process may be impacted. For example, if the water was coming from a sewer line or other pipe that handled hazardous wastewater, the sanitizing and repair will be far more extensive. It can be difficult to neutralize all the bacteria contaminated water may have spread throughout the damaged area.

Will Having Water Damage Repaired Caused Your Home To Develop A Foul Smell?

It is frequently assumed that having water damaged repaired will still result in the house developing foul, musty odors. However, you should be aware that this will not be the case if the water damage is thoroughly repaired. The foul, musty odors that frequently follow water damage are due to dramatic increases in the populations of molds and mildews. During the restoration process, a sanitizing solution will be used to neutralize these organisms before they can cause foul smells to develop.

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