4 Safety Tips For Home Addition Construction

How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting basement windows installed.

4 Safety Tips For Home Addition Construction

27 February 2017
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Taking on the responsibility of adding an addition to your house without help from a contractor is great for achieving sentimental value. However, you can end up injuring yourself in the process if you don't follow a few safety guidelines. You can also put other people at risk for getting injured, which can lead to a big lawsuit, even if they are trespassing on your property when the incident happens. In this article, you will discover a few tips that should be considered when you start working on the addition to your house.

1. Don't Carry Tools in Your Hand While Climbing a Ladder

You should never carry tools in your hands while you are climbing up stairs. Make sure that you invest in a tool belt that can be used for your home addition project. Holding tools in your hands while climbing up stairs puts you at risk for falling, even if it seems like an easy task. You don't want to end up getting badly injured from an accidental fall.

2. Wear Safety Goggles When Performing Certain Tasks

Safety goggles can prevent your eyes from getting injured during the construction project. For instance, if you intend on sanding down any wood, you should not perform the task without goggles on. Small pieces of wood will be flying all around and can easily get lodged in one or both of your eyes. Chipping away old paint and welding metal are some of the other things that should not be done without wearing goggles.

3. Don't Attempt Any Electrical Work without the Right Skills

No matter how motivated you are to complete the construction project without any help from professionals, you might not be able to safely. For instance, if you will be installing new electrical wires in the home addition, it is not the type of task that you should perform without the right skills. Dealing with electricity will not only put you at risk for an injury, but it can be life-threatening. Hire an electrical contractor for the wiring portion of the project.

4. Get a Temporary Fence Installed for Others Safety

As soon as you begin on the project, make sure temporary fence panels are installed. The fence will not only make it difficult for criminals to take your construction equipment, materials, and supplies, but can also prevent trespassers from getting injured. Chain link fence panels are a great temporary fence option to consider. Fence panels are also available in several other materials. Hang a warning sign on the fence for trespassers after it has been installed around the construction site.

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