Everything But The Kitchen Sink: 3 Natural Solutions To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

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Everything But The Kitchen Sink: 3 Natural Solutions To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

29 February 2016
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From washing dishes and soaking pots and pans, the drain of your kitchen sink will see a great deal of buildup over time. Your first inclination may be to use drain-cleaning chemicals to release annoying clogs, since you will want to use your sink again. Unfortunately, drain cleaners contain toxic chemicals that are harsh on your plumbing system. In addition, these chemicals can be dangerous to have around your home, children, and pets. Thankfully, using one of these natural solutions, you can remove clogs in your kitchen sink.


Your plunger is not only for use on the toilet. Using this tool, you can effectively remove clogs in your kitchen sink without harsh chemicals.

To get started, place the rubber end of the plunger directly over the sink drain. Push down on the handle to lock the rubber plunger into place. Move the handle up and down, ensuring the rubber end grasps the drain hole. Continue making this plunging motion until the clog releases. It may take a few attempts, so continue plunging for a few minutes.

After using, rinse off your plunger and clean out your sink using an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Boiling Water

If plunging the sink does not work and the sink is capable of holding more liquid, consider using a pot of boiling water to release the clog.

Fill two pots with water and place on your stove. Allow to boil on high. Once the water is boiling rapidly, carefully move one pot off the stove and over to your sink. Pour the boiling water directly into the sink drain.

The boiling water will eat through stubborn debris and residue inside the drain, which will release the clog. After the clog releases, pour the second pot of boiling water into the drain to remove any leftover buildup.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

The combination of baking soda and vinegar will deodorize and sanitize while eating through any buildup inside your sink drain. To remove clogs using this unique combination of ingredients, complete the following steps:

  1. Sprinkle 3 teaspoons of baking soda directly into the drain.
  2. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the drain.
  3. Allow the ingredients to mix for a few minutes. You may hear a light bubbling, fizzing sound inside the drain. This chemical reaction is loosening and dissolving the reside inside the drain, allowing the clog to release.
  4. Once the clog is released, rinse out your sink using hot water from your faucet.

Clothes Hanger

Unclogging your sink with a traditional wire clothes hanger is also possible. To get started, you will need to unbend the hanger, creating one long piece of wire. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to straighten the clothes hanger. Make sure to bend the end of the hanger into a small hook.

Insert the hooked end of the hanger directly into your kitchen sink drain. Move it as far as possible into the drain. Pull it up and down a few times in an attempt to push or pull the clogged debris out of the drain.

In most cases, the bent hanger will be able to push the clog through or pull the clog out, which will also the water to drain from the sink.

After unclogging the sink with a hanger, turn on your faucet and rinse the drain hole with hot water to remove any leftover debris.

Removing clogs in your kitchen sink will be a common task in your house, but you do not need to use harsh chemicals. With a bit of patience and one of these natural solutions, your kitchen sink will be free of clogs and toxic chemicals. 

If you are unable to unclog your sink with these tips, contact a plumbing company like Blount's Speedy Rooter for assistance.

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