How To Repair Two Types Of Asphalt Driveway Damage

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How To Repair Two Types Of Asphalt Driveway Damage

20 November 2015
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Your asphalt driveway adds value to your home and gives you convenience as it keeps your driveway free of mud. When you take care of your asphalt driveway, it can last up to 20 years. Here are instructions to repair two types of asphalt driveway damage so you can prevent further deterioration.

Remove Oil Spot Damage

As your asphalt driveway is used with vehicles parking and driving over its surface, it is most likely going to get oil spot damage. If a car drips oil onto your asphalt pavement, you will need to remove the oil spots before they softens and eventually deteriorates the asphalt, causing cracks and holes to appear. And you will also need to remove the oil before you can apply a protective seal coat. If you apply the seal coat right over the oil spots, the oil spots will prevent the seal coat from adhering to the asphalt. 

The extent of your asphalt's oil spot damage will determine the type of repairs you will need to make. The most basic type of oil spot damage is with oil that is on the surface of the asphalt. Because the oil has not penetrated into the asphalt's layers, it is easy to remove it. With a propane torch, heat the oil until it is softened. Be careful you don't damage the asphalt with the flame. Then, use a floor scraper to scrape off the oil from the asphalt. Now, you can coat the oil spot with an oil sealant to help the seal coat stick to the asphalt. Remember to complete this process to prepare and seal coat your asphalt every three years.

A more advanced type of damage occurs when the asphalt has begun to deteriorate with softening and pitting of its surface. When the surface has begun to crumble apart and you are losing pieces of the asphalt's aggregate, use a cold planer grinder to grind off the surface of the asphalt to remove all the damaged material. Then, sweep and remove all debris from the spot and patch it with an asphalt filler. Make sure you complete this repair while the temperature outside is at least 60 degrees F, so the filler can set and cure. 

Patch a Hole

When cracks in your asphalt grow until they create a hole in your asphalt, it is best to repair and patch the hole before it grows any larger. Using a circular saw with an abrasive masonry blade, make a square-shaped cut to remove the material around the hole. Remove the material and any other debris from the hole until there is only compacted soil remaining in the bottom of the hole. If your are repairing a hole on the edge of your pavement, place a two-by-four board along the edge of the repair spot to hold in the new asphalt filler in place until it has set. 

Next, spread down a layer of gravel over the bottom of the hole, leaving four inches of space to the top edges of the hole. Using a hand tamp, press down the gravel to create a solid base for the new asphalt. Pour asphalt repair filler into the hole in one-inch layers, tamping each layer down with a hand tamp as you fill. When you have spread the last layer of your repair filler and tamped it down, set a piece of plywood over the new asphalt filler and drive your vehicle over it to compress the filler. Remove the two by four from the edge of your repair after it has set, if you used one.

Use these instructions to repair any oil spot damage or holes in your asphalt. For bigger repairs, contact a company like Armour Pavement Inc.

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