10 Vacuum Cleaner Features Useful For Seniors

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10 Vacuum Cleaner Features Useful For Seniors

9 March 2015
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If you're a senior looking for a new vacuum cleaner, either brand new or used, you should look for features that will make your vacuuming tasks easier. For instance, some vacuums are lightweight, making it easier for seniors with limited mobility or arthritis. Because seniors are more susceptible to respiratory issues, a filtration system would be ideal. As you shop the appliances stores for your next vacuum cleaner, keep these must-have features in mind:

1. Lift-Away Function

If you purchase an upright vacuum cleaner, look for one with lift-away function. In canister mode, you can lift off the detachable lightweight section of the vacuum and carry it up the stairs.

2. Suction Power

If your vacuum does not have good suction, you will need to exert more effort into your cleaning. You may find yourself repeatedly vacuuming the same area over again, due to poor suction. This may not be the most practical solution for seniors. Wattage and amps may help you determine the best power for your vacuum.

That said, consider a model with high wattage for a more powerful suction. As for amps, a higher amp model will serve you best if you clean heavily soiled and carpeted areas on a daily basis.

3. Retractable Cord

Many seniors have some degree of arthritis in their fingers. Others simply lack the hand strength to wrap and unravel vacuum cleaner cords. If this pertains to you, consider a vacuum cleaner with a retractable cord. When you're finished vacuuming, just release the cord and it will retract neatly into the machine.

4. Swivel Steering

A swivel type steering mechanism makes it simple to maneuver around furniture. This means less adjusting and lifting, a feature many seniors will appreciate. If you're purchasing a used vacuum from an appliance dealer, be sure to try it out first. Be sure the swivel head moves freely and is not loose.

5. On-Board Attachments

A telescopic wand and hose attachments will help you avoid bending, allowing you to reach heights with ease. A crevice tool will help you reach difficult spots. An upholstery tool will help you clean your mattress and draperies with minor effort. Tools should store in an on-board caddy for easy access.

6. Bagless Model With HEPA Filtration

Because a bagged vacuum tends to release dust into the air, you might want to consider a bagless variety. Most importantly, choose a vacuum with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration. Why is this is important for seniors? Seniors are more prone to respiratory issues, and a vacuum with good filtration may reduce pet dander, dust and other allergens in your home.

If you want to remove 99.97% of particles in your environment, be sure the vacuum includes a HEPA filter. You may pay a little more for this technology, but it may help you breathe easier. You can find the HEPA filtration in many upright models and some canisters as well.

7. Bare Floor Cleaning Option

Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, an option for cleaning bare floors will come in handy for bathrooms and kitchen. It will replace the old-fashioned method of floor sweeping, possibly reducing strain on your lower back.

8. Built-In Head Lamp

Most modern vacuum cleaners will have built-in lights, although some older (used) models may not have this feature. If you're a senior with poor vision, a head lamp will allow you to see in dark corners or underneath the furniture.

9. Quiet Operation

Do you have poor hearing? If you're using a noisy vacuum, you might not hear the sound of a doorbell or important phone call. Choose a vacuum with quiet operation. Read the vacuum ratings and look for one with low decibel levels.

10. Dual Motors

While most vacuum cleaners of days gone by were built with one motor, some modern vacuums have two. With a twin-motor model, one will process the cleaning, while the other motor will drive the beater bar brush. Not only does this offer more power, it will insure vacuum usability should the beater bar motor stop functioning.

One final thought: As a senior citizen, you've earned the right to certain privileges. Ask your appliance store dealer if they offer discounts for seniors, as this could save you some money. For more information, contact a company like Arizona Discount Appliance.

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