Five Stunning Jacuzzi Ideas For Your Patio Or Summer Room

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Five Stunning Jacuzzi Ideas For Your Patio Or Summer Room

23 February 2015
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Your jacuzzi is meant to be a place where you feel relaxed and pampered. By carefully designing the space around it, you ensure that your tub's surroundings feel every bit as luxurious as the bubbling water itself. Here are a few ideas to use as inspiration as you decide how to incorporate a jacuzzi tub into your patio or summer room.

California-Style Resort

If you're lucky enough to live in a warm climate and have a spacious backyard or patio into which you can incorporate your jacuzzi, it's worth your while to give it a rich, California-inspired look. Have tan concrete poured around the jacuzzi, and outline the jacuzzi itself with adobe bricks for a beachy feel. Place some palm trees in the surrounding garden beds, and include a built-in shelter of some sort, so you can escape from the sun's hot rays when desired. A concrete or stone walkway leading from your back door to the jacuzzi area makes it feel unified with your home.

A Rustic Escape

This idea works well for those who live in the country. It helps your jacuzzi blend in with a more quaint backyard, rather than sticking out like a modern contraption in an otherwise traditional world. Have your jacuzzi itself surrounded by natural stones. The more uneven and rustic they look, the better. If your jacuzzi is on a patio right by your house, building a brick wall behind it is also a nice idea. You can have plain gravel poured into the space around your jacuzzi, but embed a few stone pavers in the gravel so you have a comfortable space to walk. When it comes to greenery, opt for simple flowers like petunias and daisies to stick with the rustic vibe.

Craftsman Chic

If you have a Craftsman-style home, it's hard to make a jacuzzi blend in amidst the abundant natural materials. However, having a wooden deck-like structure built around it is a good way to accomplish this task. You can use this suggestion whether your hot tub is indoors or out. Indoors, you can have the hot tub embedded in the ground, and have a floor built out of simple oak or maple boards. Outside, you can build a small, raised deck with a few stairs leading up to the level of an above--ground jacuzzi.

Modern Minimalist

Sunken, in-ground jacuzzi tubs blend in beautifully with minimalist decor. Very little effort is needed to help them do so. Choose a tub design that has just a simple stone or concrete border, and always opt for a square or rectangular tub over one with rounded corners. If you wish to add seating near your hot tub, whether on a patio or in a sunroom, simple benches made from solid wood are a great choice. Use one or two plants for decoration, but avoid planting whole gardens, as these can make a modern, geometrically designed space look cluttered.

Party Central

If you want your jacuzzi area to have a young, party-life vibe, one key is to use loud colors in your design. Blue and yellow paver stones, for example, add a touch of artistic creativity that really livens up the mood. Built-in drink holders near or on the rim of the jacuzzi tub also make it easy to party and enjoy the bubbles at the same time. Including a built-in bar and perhaps even an integrated sound system is also wise.

Once you have your own jacuzzi tub, you're going to be spending a lot of time relaxing in those massaging bubbles and warm water. Make sure the space around your tub is perfectly designed to set the right mood and make your tub look like an integrated part of your home. Take time to plan your design, and work with a contractor who has experience designing jacuzzi tub surroundings for best results. For more information, contact a local jacuzzi retailer, like California Home Spas & Patio.

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