Scheduling A Water Heater Installation Soon? 5 Ways To Live Well During A Temporary Hot Water Outage!

How dark is your basement? Do you use your basement for things other than storage? Maybe, it is time for you to look into getting basement windows installed.

Scheduling A Water Heater Installation Soon? 5 Ways To Live Well During A Temporary Hot Water Outage!

30 January 2015
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Getting limitless hot water with the simple turn of the tap is a convenience that most of us hope we never have to live without. Unfortunately, however, even top quality hot water heaters will eventually need to be replaced. If your hot water heater has given up the ghost and you are awaiting installation of a new one from a company like R & B Heating & Air Conditioning, here are five tips to help you continue to live well during this temporary crisis. 

One: Get Out the Camp Shower for Warm Weather Bathing

The daily shower or bath is an integral part of the personal hygiene process for most people, so don't let the temporary lack of hot water limit your bathing opportunities, especially during warm weather. Hang a portable solar camp shower in a secluded area of the back yard and and place a small tarp on the ground underneath to keep your feet clean while showering. Use the garden hose to fill the shower with water several hours before use and hang it in direct sunlight where it will quickly warm up to a comfortable temperature. If privacy is an issue, consider creating a temporary curtain around the shower with an old shower curtain, sheet or tablecloth to shield bathers from nosy neighbors.

Two: Use the Bucket Method for Temporary Winter Bathing 

When the weather is too cold to make outdoor bathing possible, set a large pot of water to heat on the stove and when hot, pour it into a clean bucket placed in the bathtub or shower. Add enough cold water to bring it to a comfortable bathing temperature. Adults can use a cup to sparingly wet small areas of the body, lather and then rinse with another cup of water. Pre-school age children may be small enough to stand comfortably in the bucket of warm water while a parent dips water for bathing. 

Three: Warming Laundry Water

In most cases, your wait time to have your new hot water heater installed will not be more than a day or two, so laundry may not need to be done or it may be possible to wash what is needed in cold water. However, if you desperately need to do a load of laundry that would normally require warm water for proper cleaning, such as cloth diapers, fill the washer with cold water several hours before you turn the washer on. The ambient room temperature will help warm the water temperature several degrees and improve the cleaning action of the detergent. If desired, adding a half cup of bleach to the wash water is also helpful. 

Four: Washing Dishes Without Hot Water

Since most dishwashers rely on hot water temperatures to clean dishes properly, the lack of hot water may leave you dreading meal time preparations. While it is possible to heat pots of water to wash dishes, the following method will clean dishes just as effectively with less fuss. Fill one side of the kitchen sink with cold tap water and than add either a tablespoon of household bleach or a half cup of white vinegar to the sink. Allow dirty dishes to soak in this solution for a half hour and then wash them in cold soapy water, rinse throroughly and air dry. Both the bleach and the vinegar will help loosen stuck on food, cut grease and kill germs. 

Five: Keeping Counters, Appliances and Fixtures Sanitary Without Hot Water

Add one cup of white vinegar to an empty spray bottle and then fill to the top with cold tap water to create an acidic, germ-fighting cleaning spray that keeps counter, sinks, fixtures and and even appliances sparkling clean by simply spraying on and wiping off. Even blobs of toothpaste and peanut butter smears will wipe off easily and as a bonus, your home will smell fresh and clean.

Using these five tips will help you limit the pain of living without hot water while you wait for the installation of your new heater but don't be afraid to explain your situation with a reputable HVAC contractor in your area. In most cases, hot water heater installation professionals can assist homeowners with fast installation and removal of the old heater. 

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